Hi! I'm Susan. I'm glad you're here!!

Before starting this site, I did my research. What I found was most travel blogs were written by and for 20-somethings and retirees. I thought, well, what about Generation X. So here we are. A travel blog for our generation. Hopefully, Gen X Traveler inspires you to get out and see the world without delay!!

If you are looking for inspiration and and a place to connect with other Gen X Travelers, you’ve come to the right place.

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Travel: It isn’t always pretty but is should always be an adventure. 

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Kayaking Mallows Bay

Kayaking Among the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay

After a week of perfect autumn weather, the mercury plummeted to a bitter 22 degrees. But my goal for the day was to kayak among the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. And secondary to that was attendance at the dedication of a section of the Potomac River as a National

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