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Before starting this site, I scoured the internet for blogs I related with and what I found was most adventure travel blogs were written by and for 20-somethings. There were sites for retirees too, but those took a slower pace. I wondered, where are the sites for active travelers sandwiched in between those two groups. The Gen Xers.

Let’s face it, over 40 travelers, with the constraints of kids, grandkids, aging parents, and often jobs that hinder a nomadic lifestyle, may not be as freewheeling as these other segments. 

But that doesn’t mean we don’t love to travel. We enjoy cruisingluxury getaways, and multi-generational vacations. And, you know what? We like a bit of adventure mixed in with our globetrotting. 

We can be found ziplining through the Yucatan jungle, riding ATVs in Puerto Penasco, soaring high above the ground in hot air balloons in Cappadocia, kayaking among shipwrecks in the Potomac River, and shredding the trails on a Mountain Bike. We’re killin’ it!!

Hopefully, Gen X Traveler inspires you to get out, see the world and live your adventure within the limits of an already full life.

Who is Generation X?

This is the generation born between 1965 and 1980-ish. We are fiercely independent probably due to being the “latch-key generation.” We grew up with one foot in the analog age and the other in the digital revolution. We were the first generation where divorce was more the rule than the exception to it. We were raised on MTV and microwave dinners. We came of age listening to New Wave, Hip-Hop, and Grunge.


And now that we are all grown up, we still live and behave in ways that are unique to our generation. The way we travel is no exception. We enjoy a bit more luxury than other generations, we have a habit of going over budget on vacation and multi-generational trips are a favorite among us. Plus, we tend to be active adventurers. This should come as no surprise as most of us say we still feel like we are still twenty-five.


Sadly, our generation has been almost entirely overlooked. Sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millennials, we are the “middle child” of generations. But our time has come. At this point, the entire generation is no now over 40. We will soon overtake the Baby Boomers in numbers and buying power.


Gen X is coming into our own and we are a force to be reckoned with!!

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Get to Know Me

I may not be what you expect of a travel blogger. I’m not 20-something. I haven’t been traveling since birth.  I’m not a digital nomad and for that matter, I’m not a full-time traveler.


When traveling, I enjoy exploring walkable cities with a bit of grit like Tijuana, grand adventures, sprinkled with a bit of luxury (no camping for this girl), all topped off with some amazing food.


When I’m not traveling, I live outside Atlantic City NJ with my husband Bill, and our 6 furry critters: 2 dogs (Bodi and Nola), and our four cats (Abby, Bugsy, Cheetoh, and Syd). All rescues.


In 2019, my husband and I purchased a 1980s retro contemporary home in need of some love. It’s the perfect home for a Gen Xer and a Boomer. It remains a work in progress.


At home, I enjoy tending to my gardens, mountain biking, entertaining friends, and family, as well as spending time at the beach and whizzing around the bay on our JetSki. Oh, and I drink a lot of coffee. 


I must say, it’s not a bad life. 

Fun factoids about me, my travels, and adventures

-I’m one of the OG Gen-Xers

-I’ve been married for 26 years

-I marked my 50th birthday by jumping out of a plane

-I have a titanium hip

-I hold a master’s degree in Public Relations

-I’ve been writing professionally for over 20 years

-You’ll see in my writing that I’m sarcastic and a bit self-deprecating. 

-My first trip abroad was to Egypt in 2011 during their Arab Spring. It was also my first semi-solo trip (semi-solo because it was not entirely on my own)

-My most unique travel experience was sitting with a group of Bedouin men in Egypt sipping tea and coffee while they smoked hash and conversed in Arabic

-I briefly thought I was going to be locked up abroad when SSSS showed up on my boarding pass in Paris

-Much of my early travel was cruising. I’ve sailed the Caribbean, the Mediterranean multiple times, and cruised around South America

-I have visited 22 countries on 5 continents, as well as 33 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands

-My favorite US city is San Diego, and I could visit Italy and Mexico over and over again

-One of my top thing to do in a new city is walk without a specific destination in mind

-I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities but at the end of the day, give me a comfy bed to sleep in, please.


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