About Susan Decoteau-Ferrier and Gen X Traveler.

Why Generation X

Much of my motivation for starting GenXTraveler was my frustration with being between 35 and retirement age but only finding sites written by and for 20-somethings and retirees. Where does that leave my entire generation–Generation X?Headshot 2

I didn’t have the luxury or even the drive to backpack across the US or Europe in my 20s. Did I miss my chance? Am I supposed to wait until I am 65 or 70 before going out to experience other cultures and see the globe?

That doesn’t sit well with me. Even worse is the idea that this might be my lot.

I suspect I am not alone in my discomfort about this. 

Hopefully, GenXTraveler inspires you to get out and see the world without delay!!

About Me and How It All Started

I have to admit, I am on the older end of the Gen X spectrum but by all definitions, I am part of the MTV crowd. The late 80s to mid-90s was a time of change for me. I finished college became what I considered a responsible adult, bought a house and married my best friend, Bill. IMG_4991

I had done a little traveling up to that point; a family camping trip throughout most of the US as a kid, an extended-family cruise to the Caribbean in my late teens, a trip to Canada and one to Acapulco in my 20s.

Bill and I found time to travel a bit during those early years. We did our traveling exclusively in the US. We fell in love with New Orleans, LA and that became an every year trip for a while as did our summer stays in Cape Cod, MA and Cape May, NJ.

Naval Yard Bermuda 002

In 2005, I surprised Bill with a cruise to the Caribbean. (He recalls it a bit different.)This became an annual event. Bill and I both love the water and cruising gave us the opportunity to visit many places, even if only for a short time.

After several cruises to the Caribbean and Central America, we were getting the itch to go beyond North America. A spark had been lit.US and Mom

In all fairness, my Mother dying abruptly at 65 (her parents both lived beyond 96) took what was a smoldering ember to a full-blown fire under my ass.

Shortly, after my Mother’s death I took my first trip overseas; solo. I went to Egypt in the midst of their Arab Spring. Once I did that I felt I could go nearly anywhere.

My Mom had the travel bug. When I travel I feel like I am honoring her memory. When I see things she never saw I think how much she would have loved it. And I imagine if there is life after death how thrilled she is that I caught the bug.

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