What SSSS on a boarding pass means and how to fix it

Arrivals and departures

If you are a frequent traveler the process of going through security screening at the airport has probably become fairly routine. But if you are one of the lucky travelers who find SSSS printed on their boarding pass, what has become repetitive can quickly throw a wrench into your travel…

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The best winter getaways in PA to visit now

Winter in Laurel Highlands

When planning a winter getaway Pennsylvania may not be the first place that comes to mind. But the state’s sylvan landscapes, ridiculously charming small towns, ski resorts, and more make it the perfect destination for your winter escape. Whether you are a history buff, city sightseer, outdoor enthusiast, skier, or…

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Kayaking among the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay

Kayaking Mallows Bay

After a week of perfect autumn weather, the mercury plummeted to a bitter 22 degrees. But my goal for the day was to kayak among the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. And secondary to that was attendance at the dedication of a section of the Potomac River as a National…

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How to satisfy wanderlust when you’re stuck at home

We all experience times when we are unable to travel. But now with so many cities and states initiating “lockdowns” or “shelter in place” orders or whatever name you would like to attach; isolation is sure to set in for some of us.  We are all likely to feel a…

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9 Gen X Travel bloggers to read now

Travel bloggers are hurting right now. Since all this coronavirus stuff hit the news a few weeks ago and with the stock market tanking, traffic to our websites has all but dried up. Here’s why that should matter to you. Many travel bloggers like me are not hobbyists. Some of…

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