9 Gen X Travel bloggers to read now

Travel bloggers are hurting right now. Since all this coronavirus stuff hit the news a few weeks ago and with the stock market tanking, traffic to our websites has all but dried up. Here’s why that should matter to you. Many travel bloggers like me are not hobbyists. Some of us are not going to make it through this. This is how we make a living. 

Traffic to our websites and social media heavily influence our ability to get hosted trips. If we are not receiving visitors to our sites, we have little to offer the tourism offices we partner with thus leaving them no reason to provide us with hosted trips.  These trips allow us to keep bringing you good firsthand information about the destinations we visit.

But most of these trips are not entirely free. Typically, we are paying for transportation to these destinations, tips, and incidentals. It is also, common for us to pay for our trips outright. 

Prepping for the “end of the world.” Kidding, of course.

In addition to the costs we incur when traveling there are many fees associated with just keeping a website operating. Most of us are not using free services. We pay hosting fees, domain registration, there are professional tools we pay for, and many of us have tech people on retainer to help with that aspect of the job. 

We pay for all this in a variety of ways but one of the most common ways we do this is through the links to products and services on our sites. These links provide us with a small “commission.” This allows us to pay the fees associated with our websites.

So, here’s a list of some fantastic over 40 professional bloggers you should be reading. They are all members of my Facebook Group, Gen Xplorers. Because they support me, I wanted to give back to them. If you are a blogger and part of the group and I missed you, I’m sorry. DM me and I will add you to the list.

9 Gen X Travel Bloggers You Should Be Reading Now

  • Slow Travel Eat Local with Lisa Lubin – Lisa quit her day job to travel the world. She’s been to more than 60 countries. These days she travels less and encourages eating local and eating well.
  • The Obligatory Traveler with Sarah Hawkins Miduski – Sarah lives in the Philadelphia area and is a blogger I have gotten to know personally. She has a quirky style and loves to share a good story.
  • Campfires and Concierges by Leigh Wilson – Leigh is actually a concierge. She writes about traveling with her dog, solo female travel, hiking, camping, and urban adventures.
  • Myles to Travel with Bisa Myles – Bisa is a breast cancer survivor and an awesome inspiration. One of the reasons I love Bisa is because I have watched her face her fears and do it anyway.  
  • Sometimes Home by Mikkel Paige Woodruff – Mikkel is an amazing photographer, a prolific traveler and a fantastic storyteller. (And I believe she was a “matchmaker” in a previous life.) She’s a newlywed who I believe truly is “sometimes home.”
  • Impulse4Adventure with Bridget Beury – Bridget writes extensively about Florida’s hidden gems but she doesn’t stop there. Her content include destination in the US and abroad. She is a bit of an adventurer.
  • Raulersongirlstravel by Heather Raulerson – Heather is a wonderful blogger who thinks outside the box to provide varied content. And she’s fun to hang out with.
  • Chasing the Wild Goose with Brie Goumaz – Brie writes about #vanlife with a sense of humor and also some raw honesty. She offers oodles of practical knowledge about the lifestyle. Her travel companions are her partner and her dogs.
  • Drew Hannush is a mostly a podcaster rather than a blogger. I wanted to include him so we had some male representation here. But also, because he has been kind enough to have me on his podcast Travel Fuels Life. His other podcast is Whiskey Lore. As you probably guessed, its about travel and whiskey.
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  1. Awe Susan! Thank you so much for including me! Gen X Rules!

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