Gen X Travel bloggers to read

Travel bloggers are hurting right now. Since all this coronavirus stuff hit the news a few weeks ago and with the stock market tanking, traffic to our websites has all but dried up. Here’s why that should matter to you. Many travel bloggers like me are not hobbyist. Some of…

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Charles County: An awesome East Coast getaway in Maryland

St. Ignatius Chapel Point

Visitors to the Washington DC area and locals alike might think all the sites worth visiting in the region are in the nation’s Capital. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Charles County Maryland, located in southern Maryland just 30 miles from Washington offers a rich colonial, maritime, and…

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How to prepare for a cruise around South America and Cape Horn


For many people, a South American Cruise around Cape Horn is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. People often plan something like this to celebrate a milestone birthday, anniversary, or another big life event. My husband and I took our South American Cruise in 2016 for our 20th Anniversary. Disclaimer: This post may…

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