Best Places to See the Northern Lights Outside Iceland

Finland Aurora Borealis

People flock to Iceland for a host of reasons including a chance to see the Northern Lights. But if you are concerned about over-tourism in Iceland or the expense of visiting the country, have no fear. There are plenty of other places in the northern hemisphere to enjoy the phenomenon…

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European Destinations for a Romantic Long-Weekend Away

You’ve arrived at part three of a four-part series of romantic places to visit for a long weekend away. As the title indicates, this segment focuses on places in Europe for you and your sweetheart to escape for a bit of romance. Whether you are seeking a European city stay…

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Getting Fit for Travel After Three Hip Surgeries

Fitness is not one of my typical blog themes. I’m not even sure how related to travel it is. However, if we aren’t fit for travel our adventures can become impossible or at least significantly compromised. Therefore, I hope you will forgive me the liberties of posting what may be…

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