Why Rome Should Be on Every Person’s Bucket List.


When my husband, Bill, suggested we spend a few days in Rome, Italy before we embark on our recent Mediterranean cruise I must admit I felt lukewarm about the prospect. Rome or even Italy for that matter seemed a bit cliche. It certainly did not head up my list of…

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What To Do with 24-Hours in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Balloons

It is hard to imagine that in a single day you can experience Cappadocia, from high above and into the depths of the earth, as well as, at ground level. However, if you are willing to go, go, go you can get in most of the highlights of the Cappadocia…

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Egypt 2011: Ancient History and Revolutionary Change

me at pyramids

As the events of 25 January 2011, the start of Egypt’s Revolution unfolded I sat tethered to my computer absorbing every utterance on Al Jazeera English, watching the tweets roll in on Twitter, my television tuned to CNN, taking in any source of media available to me. My interest in…

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Why You Should Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Maryland Crab Feast

If you are like so many people with a limited amount of vacation time you probably find yourself in a frenzied hurry when traveling. Rather than taking time to experience the culture of a place, you hustle from site to site trying to see it all. I know this is…

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An Unplanned Canadian Adventure

Ottawa Canada

In life there are planners and there are those who fly by the seat of their pants then there are others who fit somewhere along the spectrum. The same is true of travelers. Some plan every detail; others simply go where the wind takes them. Is one type of travel…

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Smiles: The Universal Language

Until 2011, the extent of my travels were within the US, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. In other words, all places where English is commonly spoken. I guess being a touch naïve and maybe even a bit arrogant, I believed that most people around the world spoke at least…

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