An Unplanned Canadian Adventure

Ottawa Canada

In life there are planners and there are those who fly by the seat of their pants then there are others who fit somewhere along the spectrum. The same is true of travelers. Some plan every detail; others simply go where the wind takes them. Is one type of travel…

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Smiles: The Universal Language

Until 2011, the extent of my travels were within the US, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. In other words, all places where English is commonly spoken. I guess being a touch naïve and maybe even a bit arrogant, I believed that most people around the world spoke at least…

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More Transparency When Booking Flights Online

Turkish Air

Ever shop online for airfares and end up thoroughly frustrated with the process? On one website you will find a flight at a price that looks fabulous and on another site the same itinerary costs considerably more. This happens within sites that provide cost comparisons as well. Why the discrepancy?…

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3 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance

I fought the door

If there has ever been a case to be made for purchasing travel insurance, a look at my travels over the years has shown me, if nothing else, that some people should have it. And by some people I mean – me! I’m not trying to sell insurance here. I…

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Multigenerational Vacations: Worth the Effort


With the mercury rising and the school bell’s final ring just days away, you might be looking ahead to a family vacation. There was a time when that meant Mom, Dad, little Johnny and sweet young Rebecca piling into the family station wagon for a week at the beach or…

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Riverboat Cruising Has Come of Age

In recent years, Riverboat cruising has gained and continues to move up in popularity. Riverboat cruising offers small ship intimacy, tons of destinations, dining options and truly all-inclusive pricing.

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Many Vacation Options Offered By RVing


Have you ever thought; I’d love to have a vacation home and the benefits that come with it; a place to escape or spend time with the family as well as getting a tax write-off? Then reality sets in. You contemplate being locked into vacationing the same place each year,…

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