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Cycling enthusiasts with long hair, you’re not alone in your struggle to comfortably and stylishly wear a bike helmet. Long hair can pose unique challenges when it comes to helmet fit and comfort, but fear not. This guide will provide practical tips on how to style long hair to wear with a bike helmet while ensuring both safety and style on your rides. Whether you have thick hair, curly hair, straight hair, or anything in between, there’s a hairstyle that will work for you and your helmet. 

Blond female cyclist standing on a mountainside holding her bike helmet. She's wearing her blond hair in a braid.

Choosing the Right Helmet for Your Long Hair

Before delving into hairstyles, selecting the right bicycle helmet is crucial. Your first step is to choose a helmet that accommodates longer hair.  Look for helmets with enough space at the back of the helmet to accommodate your hair length and type. Look for helmets with adjustable straps and a sizeable rear cut-out. This design allows more space for your hair and reduces pressure on your scalp. Ensure the helmet sits snugly on your head without being too tight. Some manufacturers offer helmets that feature a built-in ponytail port. If a helmet with a hair-port fits your needs and budget, it is worth the investment. 

Key features to look for include:

Now that you know what to look for in a helmet that works with your long hair, let’s dive into the best hairstyles that will allow you to ride in comfort and style as well as ensure your safety.

Wearing a Ponytail with a Cycling Helmet

Ponytails are a popular option among cyclist who wear their hair shoulder-length or longer. After all, there are several ways to style those tresses into a ponytail that will work with your head protection. Wear it low or high. Make it tight or loose. Wear it off to the side. Or center it. But, remember, regardless of how you choose to wear your ponytail, your helmet must still fit properly on your head.

Female cyclist with her hair in a braid beneath her bike helmet

Wearing a Bicycle Helmet with Braids

Female cyclist looking at a map. She's wearing a bike helmet with her brown hair in a ponytail

Try Wearing Your Hair in a Helmet-Friendly Bun

Female cyclist with her hair in a loose bun nestled beneath her bike helmet

Creative Hairstyles and Accessories for Cycling

Female cyclist on a sunny day wearing her hair in a braid beneath her bike helmet

Tips for All Types of Hair

Female road cyclist wearing a bright pink jersey and a bike helmet with her hair in a low ponytail.

Solutions for Helmet Head

Female cyclist wearing a pink hoodie and a bike helmet and long blond ponytail

Finding the best hairstyle for cycling with a bike helmet doesn’t have to be a bad hair day waiting to happen. From a low ponytail to a French braid, or even a stylish head scarf, there’s a solution for every hair type and length. Remember, the right helmet with a proper fit is just as important as the hairstyle you choose. So, next time you gear up for a bike ride, try one of these hairstyles and ride in comfort and style!

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