My American Music Road Trip

I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce my new passion project!! Through the remainder of 2019 (and hopefully beyond) I will be writing about travel related to the amazing music that is unique to the United States. I’m calling this “My American Music Road Trip.”

Nashville skyline

So many great music genres are rooted in the US; jazz, blues, soul, country, punk, grunge and more. Not to mention we have turned out some incredible musicians through the years and a number of US cities have become music meccas. And, let’s face it, music and travel just go hand in hand.

I love music and the idea of incorporating into travel is not a new idea for me. I made an attempt at this with my first travel blog. Back then when I was very much a beginner I added playlists to my posts.

Sun Studios

I would love to continue this with My American Music Road Trip. After all, what’s a good road trip without a great soundtrack to back it up?? This might be a good time to mention I think two of the greatest road tripping songs of all time are Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild and Golden Earring’s Radar Love. They make me want to roll down the windows and go just a little heavier on the gas pedal.

What does My Great American Music Road trip look like?

Initially, I plan to do it in two parts. Both through the American heartland. In June I intend to travel to New Orleans to begin the first leg of my trip. New Orleans is an awesome music city. Jazz and blues with so much heart. Oh, and the food in  New Orleans is to die for! I’m thrilled to be returning to this city. Sadly, I haven’t been since Hurricane Katrina. Prior to that catastrophic event, it was an annual trip. I look forward to seeing what this renewed city has to offer.

Memphis Trolley

After New Orleans, I will head north. I’m still working on the details but my intention is to ultimately end up in St. Louis. Some of the destinations I anticipate hitting along the way include Natchez, Vicksburg, Cleveland (Grammy Hall of Fame and Delta Blues) and Tupelo, Mississippi. From here I will move on to Memphis (here is a 3-day itinerary based on my first trip to Memphis in 2018) and Nashville. Finally, I will head to St. Louis, Missouri.

road trip map south

I’m planning the second leg of the journey later in the year (late summer or early fall) and intend to begin in Minneapolis (think Prince and Second Avenue) and work my way south to St. Louis.

Ultimately, I would love to take my experiences and create a travel guide for you, my readers, my Gen X Traveler tribe!!

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