Selfie-Sticks: Genius or a Menace

In recent years selfies have become as popular as the Kardashians themselves. It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with a way for the self-absorbed to photograph themselves and their friends from a distance. It also eliminates the need for the bashful to approach a stranger to ask them to snap a picture.
Selfies allow us to document our every movement. Now selfie-sticks allows the user to differentiate whether the picture was taken in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre.
On the surface they are a brilliant idea that came about at the right time. And in the right place they are handy gadgets. However, from a practical point of view they have become a nuisance.Selfie sticks banned
Visit any popular tourist attraction and in short order you will understand. These sights with large crowds can be difficult enough to traverse. Now enter the selfie stick wielding tourist. It becomes a navigational nightmare. It is like being caught in the middle of a jousting match.
Exuberant sightseers vie for position in front of Trevi Fountain swinging 5-foot poles with a smart phone mounted. All are gleefully unaware of their surroundings. Meanwhile others duck and dodge the smartphone turned weapon.
These things have become such a nuisance and hazard the Pope has banned them from the upcoming Papal Mass in Philadelphia. OK, it wasn’t the Pope it was the Secret Service who put them on the restricted list. However, they have been prohibited at everything from museums, music festivals, sporting events, concerts and Disney® theme parks.dangers-of-selfie-sticks
Selfie Sticks are an example of a good idea gone awry. I’m sure the inventor never predicted the mayhem that might ensue. But, given that few are aware of their surroundings when in their own environment it is no wonder danger arises when vacation-brain meets selfie stick.
However, when used with a touch of self-awareness and common sense the selfie stick can be a great addition to the travelers’ tool kit.

Susan Decoteau-Ferrier

Travel writer/blogger, photographer. Avid potter and wanna-be artist. Wife, Mom to 6 fur kids, gardener, coffee snob.


  1. I find them absolutely horrible. I also think the selfie in general is ruining the need for people to interact with strangers, which is one of the great things that happen when you travel.

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