The ultimate gift guide for adventurous female travelers

Holiday gift guide for the adventurous female traveler 2021

The pandemic has changed a lot about how we travel but it looks like things are turning around and people are taking to the air again.  This holiday gift list for the adventurous female traveler considers some of the ways travel has changed including the need to carry vaccination cards,…

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The 14 Best Smartwatches for Mountain Biking (2021)

Best smartwatch for mountain biking

Across the US, mountain biking trails are showing a 100-500% increased usage compared to 2019. It is obvious that mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular, with bike makers continuing to see a surge in sales. Serious mountain bikers like to use their mounted bike computers to track their routes, however,…

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Gen X Travel bloggers to read

Travel bloggers are hurting right now. Since all this coronavirus stuff hit the news a few weeks ago and with the stock market tanking, traffic to our websites has all but dried up. Here’s why that should matter to you. Many travel bloggers like me are not hobbyist. Some of…

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The ultimate gift guide for travelers – 2018 Edition

‘Tis the season for the gathering of family and friends, holiday cheer and gift-giving. As wonderful as all that is, finding the perfect gift can prove to be a real challenge, especially when shopping for rootless. If there is someone on your gift list who travels frequently you might find…

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Tips for traveling with chronic iillness

It seems, these days, everyone knows at least one person with a chronic illness. This could be diabetes, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or any number of other incurable diseases or disorders. Some people with such illnesses choose not to travel or cannot because of their condition. But many do…

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