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About is an adventure travel blog written by and for Gen-Xers. It’s meant to inspire people over 40 who have had limited travel experience or are perhaps just starting on their journey to get out and live their adventure. focuses on adventures throughout the United States with a concentration on the Mid-Atlantic, as well as more far-flung destinations around the globe.

The site reflects the way Generation X travels and addresses the unique needs of today’s middle-aged adventurer.

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Why Generation X

This is the generation born between 1965 and 1980-ish meaning by now we are all over the age of 40. We have more discretionary income than the larger generations that flank us. And research indicates we also have a tendency to go over budget when we travel. Yet, we remain overlooked by marketers.

Gen Xers enjoy cruising, luxury getaways, and multi-generational vacations with a bit of adventure mixed in. You can find us ziplining through the Yucatan jungle, riding ATVs in Puerto Penasco, soaring high above the ground in hot air balloons in Cappadocia, kayaking among shipwrecks in the Potomac River, and hiking waterfalls in Virginia. We’re not the middle-aged adults of our parent’s generation.

We’re killin’ it!!

Susan Decoteau-Ferrier

Travel Writer/Blogger/Content Creator for Generation X and Beyond

Susan may not be what you expect of a travel blogger. She’s not 20-something and she hasn’t been traveling her entire life. She’s not even a full-time traveler or digital nomad.

She writes about adventure travel for the over-40 crowd but her definition of adventure is rather broad. It relates more to courage than actual danger. If it stretches a person beyond the limits of their comfort zone, then that is a worthy adventure.

Susan’s goal is to inspire people (especially women) over-40 to get out, see the world and live their adventure.

She’s been writing professionally on a wide range of topics for almost 20 years.  Susan’s been traveling and writing about it since 2012. She has authored travel-related pieces for both print and digital media.  Additionally, she has been featured on multiple podcasts. 

Susan also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and operated a small 501c3 for close to 10 years. This experience honed her skills and provided her with the benefits of working with the media from both the journalistic and public relations sides. Thus, providing her with a holistic perspective on the industry. As such she can easily anticipate the needs of your organization and deliver on them. 

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