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Are you a writer looking for opportunities, Purplefish Creative Studio is accepting any travel-related guest posts for our websites:  GenXTraveler.com, and AC365Fun.com. If you have a topic that may be of interest to my readers: destination-specific, activity write-ups, planning tips, etc. we would love to hear from you.

Before pitching your idea, please carefully review our sites and understand what is covered on each site and where your article would fit within our brands. Do not submit completed articles for consideration. Do not submit vague pitches without a clearly defined angle.  Do not send pitches that do not fit the in the coffee, cycling, gardens and travel realm.  These inquiries will be discarded. 

Provide a short description of the place, activity, or topic that you intend to cover. Include the site where your article fits and a few bullet points or a short narrative that lays out the scope of the article. Additionally, include your anticipated word count, completion date, and if you can provide photos and how many with your final submission.

For more information or to submit a query, please contact us at [email protected]

NOTE to organizations or individuals trying to place “Guest Posts” 

We do not accept guest posts in exchange for links to your products or services. If you are interested in partnering with us through a paid sponsorship, please review our Rate Sheet and Media Kit. To discuss opportunities that allow us both to reach our desired goals while providing quality content for the readers of our sites, feel free to contact usDo not send inquiries that do not disclose what your product or service encompasses. If I have to guess, your inquiry will be discarded no matter how often you bump it back up in my inbox.


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